Common Car Rental Questions

FAQ Common Car Rental Questions

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An important document for renting a car is driver’s license. Note that
only a full driving license (not a provisional/learner’s license) is

For some specific states, you may be additionally required to show the
international license.

Yes, this scenario may happen. In this case, you are using an option for
an additional driver, who should be at least 25 years old and have a
full driver license verified in advance.

Additionally, the additional driver should correspond to all the same
requirements as the initial renter: do not have reckless driving cases
during the previous 36 months, possession of a stolen vehicle,
vehicle-related crime, etc

While 100% dedication to your specific needs is hard to imagine, we
suggest you consult the Logix team before making the deal if you have
any questions at all.

Consult the team of professionals to describe your trip duration,
locations, and purpose. The Logix team would guide you through the best
options for your specific case.

At Logix we require renters to at least have state minimum liability insurance to rent a vehicle.